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Ancient Legacy is no longer a progression raid guild.

We thank all of our members and supporters for their time, energy, and commitment to this guild. We have a number of members staying and may continue to casually raid, but are no longer looking for applicants for progression at this time.

Flashbacks of Jurassic Park? Nah. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!

Zephanor, Feb 24, 14 2:12 AM.
After a little digging through the hall of dragons we took out Caden and Keplin then stepped around the corner and slapped Rarthek the Swiftclaw back to the Cretaceous Period!  Dr. Alan Grant was quoted as saying this was the most impressive of take downs in such a quick turn around while Dr. Ian Malcolm said "that's one big pile of..." well, you get the idea.  After that he shook his head and simply stated before moving on, "No, I'm, I'm simply saying that Ancient Legacy, uh... finds a way."

Well done Ancient Legacy!  Woot!

Ancient Legacy, meet TOV. TOV, feel some PAIN!

Zephanor, Jan 21, 14 3:07 AM.
Okay... so my bad.  It's been almost TWO years since we've had an update here.  That's not good at all but it's hard to live up to the utter creativity of the past posts.  To be quite honest... it's a little intimidating.  But, regardless of the fact I'm an engineer and not very artistically creative we'll skip the mantra that no news is good news and say that any news here is better than none!

We've finally started filling the ranks again and hitting the raid zones in earnest which has earned us a date with destiny, by defeating the Legionnaires in Acursed Sanctum Sunday night February 19th followed by Sontalak and Essedara/Jalkir the very next night on the 20th!  We did this regardless of the fact Brutalize was sexting the whole time.